I began sculpting over thirty years ago, following many more years of drawing and painting.

I probably inherited my creative talent and aptitude from my father. Thanks to his artistic talents his life was saved in Auschwitz and Birkenau, as he made wooden toys for the children of SS officers who lived in the concentration camp and was therefore spared the selections and was sometimes even given food that helped him survive those horrid nights.

To commemorate my father, I engrave the number B-1136, which was tattooed on his arm, on each sculpture I make.

I prefer to sculpt women's bodies since I love the female body. I love the infinite possibilities of playfulness and exploration afforded by the clay as I search for those women in the clay exposing and calling forth their curvatures and softness, their roundedness and sensuality.

I make no more than five copies of each sculpture, but it is possible to order the work in any desired size.

My work has been represented in Arta gallery and other galleries in Jerusalem. I had a few solo exhibitions and participated in various group exhibitions, including "Transparent colors" at Kastra art center, a group sculpture exhibition at Shuni Fortress, "Feminine spaces," at Rishon LeTsiyon's Art and Culture Centre and, "The Lighthouse Gallery" in Jaffa.

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